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“Batsiranai” translates “helping each other”      

Mothers and Children of Batsiranai

Fair Trade Handicraft Project

Fourteen women living in a poor neighborhood of Harare, Zimbabwe came together to support one another in 1998. Rather than give up, they chose to help one another find a way to provide for their children. Today over 100 women strong, the group sews and embroiders products of such high quality that they have gained international recognition. Not only have these women provided for their families, they have become leaders in their communities.

If you would like to support these mothers and children through purchase of their artwork, please visit the BATSIRANAI STORE (click here)

From Adversity to Accomplishment

“May all people be well, may they be well,
Male, Female, male, female,
Goats, cattle, boys and girls:
May they be more than well.
Bad luck go away from us...”

(the Meru of Kenya)